Self Care Dialysis Symposium

In collaboration with the RDPLF 

4th self-care

dialysis symposium

6th & 7th June 2018

Square-Brussels Meeting Centre

C VergerChristian Verger

Christian Verger was head of the PD department at Pontoise Hospital in France from 1979 to 2011 and then worked on a new PD program at Bauvais Hospital. He stopped his clinical activities in January 2017.

During his career, he particularly focused on peritoneal membrane alterations and nutrition, as well as on the epidemiologic aspects of infection and survival. He founded in 1986, with Pr Jean-Philippe Ryckelynck and Pr Michel Darnaud, the Registre de Dialyse Péritonéale de Langue Française (RDPLF) (, of which he still is President. 

Doctor Verger still gives conferences and participates in different research activities. He also trains surgeons in different institutions in France when the dialysis team is facing PD catheter insertion problems. Since 2012 he extended the activity of RDPLF to home hemodialysis. The RDPLF is now becoming a register which includes all home dialysis modalities in French speaking countries.

Christian Verger is member of ISPD, EDTA, SFNDT and ISN.