Self Care Dialysis Symposium

In collaboration with the RDPLF 

4th self-care

dialysis symposium

6th & 7th June 2018

Square-Brussels Meeting Centre

Symposium 26/06/2009




Symposium 22 & 23/05/2014

Benefits of dialysis in the home (PD and HD). N. Lameire

GNFB: the place of dialysis outside the hospital. F. Collart

RDPLF: what's new ? C. Verger

Home HD: recent dat. P.Y. Durand

Influence of a predialysis education process on the choice of treatment modality. O. Moranne

Effect of the chronic renal disease management on life expectancy in dialysis. C. Combe

Evaluation of the peritoneal membrane in daily clinical practice. P. Cougnet

Tests of the peritoneal membrane - PET test. Y. Pirard

Evaluation of the efficiency of peritoneal dialysis in daily clinical practice. P. Cougnet

Functional tests in peritoneal dialysis. Conclusions. P. Cougnet

Osmotic conductance to glucose: what does it mean ? B. Bammens

How to optimize the PD-HD transfer ? T. Lobbedez

Infection risks associated with the buttonhole in a selfcare dialysis unit. C. Bechade

FGF23: a new indicator of cardiovascular disease in PD? A. Broughton

Enigmatic cyanosis in a home HD patient. B. Seront

Buttonhole: a technique in perpetual evolution. T. Goovaerts

Buttonhole: what we do not speak about! M. Boogaerts

Hemodialysis at home: what's new ? T. Cornelis

40 years experience of home HD. E. Goffin

Transport of water: from the evolution to peritoneal dialysis. O. Devuyst

Buttonhole: experience of a patient in autodialysis

Intensive Home HD: experience of a patient


Symposium 12 & 13/05/2016

What's new in the field of PD in 2016 ? S. Davies

An overview of home HD strategies from around the world. T. Cornelis

New developments in active peritoneal dialysis. J.C. Leroux

Post-operative care of the PD catheter following implantation. E. Bowes

Overview of 30 years selfcare satellite dialysis. Ph. Cougnet

Nursing care for AV fistula : pre-post creation. M. Van Loon

How to evaluate the peritoneal membrane ? B. Bammens

It is not uselful anymore. K. François

It is still mandatory. J. Morelle

Home therapies : what does the ERA-EDTA tell us ? W. Van Biesen

Center effect on early PD failure (RDPLF data). S. Guillouët

PD catheter placement by a nurse. E. Bowes

Pediatric-adult transition for dialysis patients

Ontario Renal Network initiave to grow home dialysis. P. Blake


Symposium 06 & 07/06/2018

Why stimulating home based therapies is an economical imperative with ethical consequences ? B Bammens

Patient centered outcomes : buzz or necessity ? W Van Biesen

Are we getting better at home HD ? R Fluck

The peritoneal membrane : an open window on inflammation. M Eberl

Outcome on PD after renal transplantation failure. C Courivaud

PD in patients with ADPKD. F Touré

Analysis of the "PD catheter module" : are there any practical differences between France and Belgium ? I Vernier

How to start a home HD program from scratch ? T Cornelis / Y Bollen

Home HD with a low dialysate flow. N Borman

Results from the module "anemia" and evaluation of the iron store in PD patients with the MR imaging. B Issad

Survival on PD : is there a center effect ? C Bechade

Seasonal variations in PD according to the RDPLF database. C Verger

PD catheter insertion modalities according to the RDPLF. A Lanot

Literature review in PD according to the "ad hoc" committee from the RDPLF. G Seret

Home HD registry from the RDPLF : practices comparison between France and Belgium. P Cougnet

Osmotic conductance to glucose to evaluate ultrafiltration in PD patients : benefits and limitations. AL Clause

The truth on nutrition in dialysis. D Teta

The relationship between dialysis and nutrition. C Chazot

What is necessary to know on dietetic requirements for the dialysis team ? M Vignioble

Pittfalls and drawbacks from "the nutrition and adequation" module. MC Padernoz

Center disparities in the care of PD patients in France. S Guillouët

Home HD : which vascular access for which patients ? T Lobbedez

Personnalised medicine : the example of PD. O Devuyst


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