Self Care Dialysis Symposium

In collaboration with the RDPLF 

4th self-care

dialysis symposium

6th & 7th June 2018

Square-Brussels Meeting Centre

Christophe BovyChristophe Bovy

Christophe Bovy is a nephrologist graduated at the University of Liège. He is Chief of Clinics in Internal Medicine and Nephrology at the University Hospital of Liège, Belgium.

He is also consultant for CHC site Notre-Dame Hermalle and for CHPLT Verviers and Professor of Clinics of the University of Liège.

Christophe Bovy is member of the Belgian Society of Nephrology, of the Hypertension Belgian Committe, of the Belgian Society of Internal Medicine, of the GNFB, of the European Society of Hypertension, of the European renal Association/European dialysis and Transplant Association and was President of the “Club des Jeunes Néphrologues” from 2009 to 2011.