Self Care Dialysis Symposium

In collaboration with the RDPLF 

4th self-care

dialysis symposium

6th & 7th June 2018

Square-Brussels Meeting Centre

Didier AguileraDidier Aguilera

Didier Aguilera is nephrologist and head of the metabolic division at CHJL Vichy (nephrology, haemodialysis, diabetology) since 01/07/1999.
He is president of the network "Allier diabète" which the purpose is the ambulatory education of the patients with a metabolic disease.

He is in charge of patients in peritoneal dialysis since 1985 and responsible of an information unit pre-dialysis and education of patients with home dialysis techniques at the Centre Hospitalier Vichy.

Didier Aguilera is also administrator of the RDPLF.